Life Is So Beautiful is the personal newsletter of Hugh Hollowell (that’s me!), and as such, strives to reflect my values and ideals. One of those is inclusivity, both in my own writing and in the voices I share and amplify.

To that end, I commit to the following four practices:

  1. I will use diverse and inclusive sources both as background sources for my original writing, and as sources I link and share.
  2. I will work to make my publications accessible to the widest range of people, including those with diverse abilities.
  3. I will actively hunt for diverse and underrepresented sources and voices to share with my readers.
  4. I will use my voice and platform to highlight underrepresented voices whenever possible.

I invite you to hold me to this. If you see me mess this up, if you have links you think I should see, or have a project you want to lift up, holler at me at